At a Glance (1,142 words)
First posted December 18, 2002.
Spike/Xander, down the line.

Breaking the Silence (476 words)
Originally posted to my LJ, April 8, 2003.
Spike/Dawn, AU-ish. Something is coming for her.

Counting the Days (33,697 words)
First posted February 24, 2003.
post-"The Gift." Spike/Angel,Dawn. Dawn needs to get out of the house, so Spike takes her down to LA for a visit.

It's Not (100 words)
First posted April 7, 2003.
Dawn drabble written for the sunday100 'the end of the world' challenge.

Not Enough (2,735 words)
First posted February 1, 2003.
post-"The Gift." Spike and Dawn have a routine.

Not My Baby (5,724 words)
First posted January 25, 2003.
post-"The Gift." Spike babysits.

Small Mercies (3,104 words)
First posted October 10, 2002.
Gen. Twenty-four hours after the events of "Same Time, Same Place," Xander pays a visit to the basement.