Due South

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Hawks and Hands

The Hockey AU.

Challenge Stories

Stories written for the ds_flashfiction community on LiveJournal.

101 (1,287 words)
First posted July 2, 2004.
"We're not going to talk, if that's what you're thinking," Ray says. "We're going to cuddle."

Caught (1,144 words)
First posted January 18, 2004.
Gen. A missing scene from "Bounty Hunter."

Christmas Present (3,358 words)
First posted to DSA, September 9, 2003.
Post-"Good for the Soul." Fraser discovers he didn't get off as lightly as he thought.
Warning: Major violence off-screen.

Dishes (1,812 words)
First posted January 18, 2004.
Frannie/Elaine. Elaine has a few things to sort out before she marries into the Vecchio family.

Dulce Est (6,379 words)
Written (belatedly) for Queue's birthday. First posted June 16, 2005.
Fraser and Ray on an ordinary night.
Warning: Explicit sex.

Exposures (2,106 words)
First posted to DSA, June 10, 2003.
They found the camera carefully wrapped in plastic and packed among the extra socks. Frobisher added it to the box of personal effects, and shipped the lot to Lieutenant Welsh in Chicago.
Warnings: Death story, animal death.

Finders Keepers (2,078 words)
First posted on my LJ, October 12, 2003.
Post-"Call of the Wild." Ray saw them first.
Warning: Animal death.

Fire That Breaks (752 words)
First posted on my LJ, April 15, 2005.
He reread the poem often.

Getting It (1,314 words)
First posted on my LJ, July 19, 2003.
Post-"Mountie on the Bounty." "That thing, with your mouth. And my mouth. I still donít get that.Ē

Hate Story (2,146 words)
First posted to DSA, May 18, 2003.
Days like today, I don't just hate Fraser, I hate everything about him.

Hysterical Blindness (201 words)
First posted on LJ November 10, 2004.
Fraser/Vecchio, during "North." Ben knows why this happened.

Pillow Talk (1,277 words)Pillow Talk (1,277 words)
First posted June 22, 2004.
"Fraser, this is insane."

Prolix (2,373 words)
First posted to DSA, April 1, 2003.
Fraser gets wordy, and Ray gets even.

Relax (12,235)
First posted to DSA, May 30, 2003.
"Seeing is Believing" AU. Fraser hypnotizes Ray by accident. The rest, he does on purpose.
Warning: Explicit sex.

Saturday at the Garage (3,945 words)
First posted June 13, 2004.
All of a sudden Fraser wanted to know how to change oil, and Ray was feeling like he'd agreed to give lessons in skydiving.
Warning: Explicit sex.

Shiny (529 words)
First posted to my LJ, January 18, 2005.
Firefly crossover. Ray Kowalski and Kaylee in Chicago, circa 1998.

Sunday's Child (13,626 words)
Written for Pearl-o's birthday, December 13, 2004.
Post-"Call of the Wild," Frannie/RayK, Fraser/RayK, babyfic. "Congratulations, Frannie." She gave him a huge smile, like that was exactly the right thing to say, like he'd passed some kind of test and she was proud of him.
Warning: Explicit sex.

That Good Night: A Death Story (29,168 words)
First posted to DSA, November 9, 2003.
"You're not long for this world, my boy. Sometimes you just have to hear it from someone else before you know it's true."
Warning: Explicit sex, suicidal thoughts.

The Triumph of Experience (518 words)
Sequel to pearl-o's Cold Dirty Deep. First posted to my LJ, April 25, 2005.
"It's been said, more than once, that second marriages are the triumph of hope over experience."

Wept (6,221 words)
First posted September 13, 2004.
Set immediately post-"The Ladies Man" and post-"Call of the Wild." Fraser has an unusual kink.
Warning: Explicit sex.