Doctor Who & Torchwood

Doctor Who

The Box Below (3,300 words)
First posted July 8, 2010.
Gen, Amelia and the Doctor. Spoilers for all of Season 5. If time can be rewritten, then this is an early draft.

Her Engagement Ring Is Bigger on the Inside (100 words)
First posted to my LJ, July 14, 2008.
Post-"Journey's End." Jenny/Dalek Caan. Even the Doctor has his limits.

An Improbable Thing Before Breakfast (904 words)
First posted to my LJ, May 12, 2008.
Tenth Doctor/Donna. "Oi," she said, peering at him through one half-open eye. "I told you that was quite enough, sunshine, we're not going again for a bit."

Just the Claps (100 words)
First posted to my LJ, January 15, 2009.
Gen. Doctor Donna friends!

Naming of Parts (463 words)
First posted to my LJ, July 8, 2008.
Rose/Man in Blue, post-"Journey's End." "You're going to need a name."


Amends (2,084 words)
First posted to my LJ April 14, 2008.
Gen, post-"Cyberwoman" and post-"Fragments." The thing in the dark was what he'd come for, and Ianto had not come empty-handed.

Attack of the Orange Pop Zombies (1,152 words)
Written for the zombie challenge at tw_flashfic. First posted July 28, 2008.
Post-"End of Days" and post-"The Last of the Time Lords," plus Sarah Jane Adventures "The Invasion of the Bane." Zombies armed with bottles of orange pop attack Cardiff, and Our Heroes spring into action!

Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive (68,550 words)
First posted to my LJ October 14, 2008.
Jack/Ianto. "When we don't die young and violently, we die weird. Well, or all three, case in point."
Warning: Less than 19% mpreg by volume.

Make a Beginning (4,799 words)
First posted to my LJ April 28, 2008.
Jack/Ianto, post-"Exit Wounds." Gwen couldn't go on like that much longer. Neither could Torchwood.

A Moment to Breathe (100 words)
First posted to my LJ January 16, 2009.
Gen, during "Dead Man Walking." What it says on the tin.

Nobody Dies at This Time (100 words)
First posted to my LJ January 15, 2009.
Gen. Jack learns something about Ianto.

Sex on a Frozen River Mayhem (1,211 words)
Written for nightcamedown in Yuletide 2010. First appeared December 25, 2010.
Mayhem Allstate Insurance Commercials crossover. Mayhem/Jack Harkness. I'm one of the stupidest things you've ever done.
Warning: Explicit sex.

Shoot First, Apologize Later (6,571 words)
Written for riverlight. First posted to my LJ and Dreamwidth June 1, 2009.
Jack/Ianto. Jack and Ianto are in jail for some reason.
Warning: Explicit sex.

Wind Up Where You Started From (2,760 words)
First posted to my LJ and Dreamwidth August 31, 2009.
Gen, post-"Children of Earth." Here sat two people who didn't know when to quit.

Barrayarans and Time Travelers

Torchwood & Doctor Who crossovers with the Vorkosigan Saga

Signals That Sound in the Dark (8,392 words)
First posted June 7, 2010.
Aral Vorkosigan/Jack Harkness. Aral Vorkosigan meets a strange man in a spaceport bar.
Warning: Explicit sex.

And All Its Clear Relations (21,376 words)
First posted September 13, 2011.
Gen. Aral Vorkosigan, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond. In which the Doctor takes Amy on a holiday to Barrayar and hardly anything goes wrong at all.