Dead Zone

Do What You Have to Do (1,635 words)
First posted to my LJ September 20, 2005.
Gen, post-"Finding Rachel." Walt and Bruce have a little talk.

Family Portrait (9,249 words)
First posted January 15, 2006.
Johnny/Walt/Sarah. It was nothing like the way you actually felt when you watched home movies.
Warning: Major violence against children.

Handiwork (369 words)
First posted to my LJ August 29, 2005.
Gen. It's the thought that counts.

Pure Corn (100 words)
First posted to my LJ September 12, 2006.
Johnny/Walt/Sarah. Cornflakes.

Sympathy for the Devil (2,726 words)
Written for Yuletide 2005, for Rivka T. First appeared December 25, 2005.
Johnny/Bruce. "If the devil repented, could he be saved?"

A Whiff of Sulfur (227 words)
Written for the dz100 Match challenege. First posted September 12, 2005.
This is just a weird little thing.