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Male/male romantic and sexual relationships.

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Flashfics & Drabbles

Daylight Breaks (638 words)
First posted April 19, 2014.
Set during Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Bucky. He knows two things without being told. There is a war. He is a soldier.

Guilty on All Counts (100 words)
First posted April 26, 2015.
Bucky/Steve. What happens when Bucky is convicted of the Winter Soldier's crimes.

Language (636 words)
Written immediately after seeing Age of Ultron, first posted May 1, 2015.
Gen. "Are you seriously going to make me the language police of this clusterfuck?"
Warning: strong language.

Lay Your Head (376 words)
Written for sholio's prompt at such_heights' MCU Kissing Fest 2015. First posted May 19, 2015.
Bucky/Sam. Sam sleeps while Bucky keeps watch over him.

Lessons (889 words)
Written for the hydratrashmeme, first posted March 9, 2015.
Winter Soldier. He knows that what comes next will be another lesson, and not a trip to medical or a mission or the ice.
Warning: Torture, HYDRA trash it's-not-a-party-if-it-happens-every-night.

A New Beginning (602 words)
Written for the mcuflashmeme, first posted January 8, 2016.
Gen. "Is it me? Does this happen a lot?"

Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It (920 words)
Written for the mcuflashmeme, first posted April 1, 2016.
Gen. The West Wing crossover, Steve Rogers & Josh Lyman. "Am I even old enough?"


And Besides, It Would Still Be All Right (4,443 words)
First posted October 30, 2016.
Steve and Natasha weren't lovers like that.
Warnings: Explicit sex, BDSM, aro/ace!Natasha, platonic kink.