The Mentalist

Five Ways Patrick Jane Hasn't Died Yet (And One Way He Never Will) (4,468 words)
First posted January 4, 2010.
Gen. A good performer knows that how he gets off the stage is as important as everything he does on it.
Warnings: Murder, suicide.

Love and Affection and Respect for Personal Boundaries (7,033 words)
First posted December 22, 2009.
Jane/Van Pelt. It was nice having Jane all to herself.
Warning: NC-17 for explicit sex.

Mian He, Ahjuma, Hangul Mal Mullayo (1,312 words)
First posted November 18, 2009.
Cho/Jane. Cho was freaking out about taking Jane to meet his parents, in the most entertainingly overt manner yet.

Those Days Are Over (410 words)
First posted December 7, 2009.
Red John/Jane. This is the one thing Patrick Jane cannot--can never--tell anyone.
Warning: Underage prostitution, general creepiness.