Missing Persons

The Don/Charlie angst epic.


The (permanently incomplete) Don/Charlie hookerfic AU series.

Flashfics & Drabbles

Stories written for the numb3rsflashfic and numb3rs100 communities, and other stories under 1,000 words.

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Attached (1,702 words)
First posted to my LJ, October 26, 2005.
Post-"Assassin." There is a baby strapped to Charlie's chest like a bundle of dynamite.

Classified (5,883 words)
First posted April 13, 2005.
Stargate: Atlantis crossover. Don, Everything's fine. Don't worry about me. I'm having a great time. Charlie

Duet (1,781 words)
First posted to my LJ, February 4, 2006.
"The Running Man" tag. "You've kept in practice," Charlie said.


Enough (1,020 words)
First posted to my LJ May 2, 2006.
David/Colby, "Rampage" tag. "So, how many beers have I had, again?"
Warning: Explicit sex.

Gleam (3,329 words)
Written for numb3rs_newyear 2007 for Frostfire. First appeared February 12, 2007.
Charlie/Colby. Charlie was a good teacher.
Warning: Explicit sex.

Maybe Sprout Wings (2,089 words)
First posted to my LJ, April 22, 2007.
David/Colby. Wingfic. Colby's wings were huge.


<3 (1,290 words)
First posted to my LJ, May 16, 2005.
"I've got a math question for you," Don says.
Warning: Incest.

314 X2R (5,764 words)
Written for Estrella's birthday, August 31, 2005.
"I've never once seen you go back to an obsession once you dropped it."
Warning: Incest, explicit sex.

Bogey (1,106 words)
First posted to my LJ, June 26, 2005.
"Noisy Edge" tag. "I still hate golf."
Warning: Incest.

Certainty (1,000 words)
Written for the picfor1000 challenge, challenge 6. First posted to my LJ, February 22, 2008.
There was such a thing as a body at rest.
Warning: Incest.

Crossing the Line (3,309 words)
First posted October 4, 2006.
"Two Daughters" tag. The people Charlie loved were an embarrassment of riches, and he was painfully conscious of squandering them.
Warning: Incest, explicit sex.

Dirty Laundry (1,297 words)
First posted to my LJ, May 21, 2006.
Don kind of liked the laundromat.
Warning: Incest.

Dumbstruck (15,287 words)
First posted July 23, 2005.
Don had never suspected Charlie of faking it.
Warning: Incest, explicit sex.

Freeze and Break (4,982)
First posted June 12, 2006.
Don wakes up in Charlie's bed, and it all goes downhill from there.
Warning: Incest, explicit sex.

It Never Rains in Southern California (2,867 words)
First posted January 23, 2006.
"Happy anniversary, now can we please get out of the rain?"
Warning: Incest, explicit sex.

Low and Inside (1,672 words)
First posted to my LJ, April 28, 2005.
Post-"Identity Crisis." Charlie smiled as Don shoved him up against the wall.
Warning: Incest, explicit sex.

Scrape (1,717 words)
First posted June 11, 2005.
It was awfully early for Don to be home.
Warning: Incest.

Something Stupid (1,911 words)
First posted to my LJ, November 5, 2005.
Post-"Soft Target." Don broke up with his first girlfriend in a fight over Charlie.
Warning: Incest.

The Thing He Carries (1,284 words)
First posted to my LJ, July 12, 2006.
Don doesn't think about it much, but he knows exactly where it is.
Warning: Incest.

What Happens in Vegas (5,285 words)
First posted October 23, 2005.
If there were a twelve-step program for fucking your brother, he should at least want to lock himself in the bathroom and call it right about now.
Warning: Incest, explicit sex.