Vorkosigan Saga

And I Know That It's Not Easy (1,341 words)
First posted January 27, 2011.
Gen. Set between A Civil Campaign and Diplomatic Immunity. Gregor had been waiting a long, long time to tell him.

And They Think It's Hell (2,955 words)
First posted September 8, 2010.
Gen. Post-The Vor Game. "Miles suggested that you were the one I should ask, if I wanted to know the truth about my father. Will you tell me?"
Warning: Prince Serg.

Asked and Answered (550 words)
First posted January 23, 2012.
Aral/Simon. Set during Memory. It was just the same as always.

The Butcher of Komarr Meets the Conscientious Lieutenant Rosemont (300 words)
First posted October 27, 2013.
Gen. Aral Vorkosigan & Reg Rosemont. That misguided but admittedly courageous blond boy in the clearing.

The Emperor's Voice (1,367 words)
Written for the "Lost Voice" square in cottoncandy_bingo. First posted October 29, 2012.
Gregor/Laisa. Laisa stayed at Gregor's side when his personal physician arrived to examine him.

Family in a Box (Some Assembly Required) (2,767 words)
First posted October 4, 2011.
Gen. The third time Nikki met the Emperor was also the first time he met his soon-to-be-stepfather's foster brother.

Fishing in the Morning (609 words)
First posted April 18, 2012.
Aral/Cordelia. "You're really not awake at all, are you, love?"

Frequently Suggested Sexual Practices: An Aid to Communication (8,031 words)
First posted November 15, 2011.
Aral/Cordelia. Despite the title/rating/etc., this is a story about all the sex Aral and Cordelia didn't have with each other before they got married.
Warning: Explicit sex.

Hold the Line (4,670 words)
First posted November 1, 2010.
Gen. Pre-Barrayar epilogue. Bothari brought Miles to them at lunchtime and reported that he had intercepted the General at the side of Miles's cradle.
Warning: Canonical attempted infanticide.

Honeymoon Itinerary Item #47 (500 words)
Written for the Canadian Shacks 2011 collection. First posted January 8, 2012.
Miles/Ekaterin. Everything had been lovely so far.

In Loco Parentis (100 words)
First posted August 22, 2006.
Gen. During Diplomatic Immunity. Ivan babysits.

Shelter and Solace (10,432 words)
First posted April 20, 2014.
Aral/Cordelia, AU during Shards of Honor. "We will go to Beta Colony. I have some family there, I think, and--a friend."
Warnings: Civil war, offscreen murders, traumatized child.

The Stuff That Dreams (1,637 words)
First posted November 9, 2010.
Aral/Cordelia. Late-Shards of Honor. Cordelia tried to make herself let go of Vorkosigan's hand--he couldn't get away if she didn't let go--but her fingers wouldn't obey her at all, now.
Warning: Ges Vorrutyer.

Tactical Shit (2,498 words)
Written for the fan_flashworks Amnesty/Anywhere But Here challenge. First posted April 1, 2012.
Gen, Generation Kill crossover. Brad Colbert, Piotr Vorkosigan. A Marine on Earth in 2003 wishes for one real recon mission, and finds himself in the Dendarii Mountains.

Til Death Do Us Part (500 words)
Written for the Canadian Shacks 2011 collection. First posted January 19, 2012.
Gregor/Laisa. "Where are the Armsmen going to sleep?"

Treatment for Shock (1,095 words)
First posted November 16, 2010.
Gen. CryoBurn epilogue. When someone did move, at long last, it was Roic.

Winterfair Socks (3,034 words)
First posted December 21, 2010.
Gregor/Laisa, Gregor & Cordelia. In which Gregor introduces Laisa to Winterfair traditions from his childhood.

Barrayarans and Time Travelers

Crossovers with Torchwood and Doctor Who.

Signals That Sound in the Dark (8,392 words)
First posted June 7, 2010.
Aral Vorkosigan/Jack Harkness. Aral Vorkosigan meets a strange man in a spaceport bar.
Warning: Explicit sex.

And All Its Clear Relations (21,376 words)
First posted September 13, 2011.
Gen. Aral Vorkosigan, Cordelia Naismith Vorkosigan, Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond. In which the Doctor takes Amy on a holiday to Barrayar and hardly anything goes wrong at all.

The World That You Need

As You Tap on Your Glass (1,052 words)
First posted May 24, 2010.
In which a Countess renowned for her shopping discovers a gift she would like to give her husband and wonders how it may be arranged.

Fingers in the Notches on Your Spine (2,021 words)
First posted September 7, 2010.
Aral/Cordelia. It had been years since they'd had a proper culture-clash fight.

When the Reckoning Arrives (5,440 words)
First posted September 20, 2010.
Lt. Jole, Simon Illyan. Arkady's gotten used to ImpSec the way a soldier gets used to being surrounded by deadly weapons.

Everything That You Can Keep (30,338 words)
First posted November 22, 2010.
Aral/Cordelia, Aral/Jole. The impossible takes a little more time, and a lot of negotiation.
Warning: Explicit sex.

Last Ones of Our Kind (4,858 words)
First posted February 17, 2014.
Aral/Jole, Aral/Cordelia. Aral has more in common with Hector Vorgorov than he likes to remember.

Timely (500 words)
First posted January 17, 2012.
Hector/Alyosha. During Shards of Honor. Whatever this is, it's so dire that Aleksi is approaching him openly.

A Loyal Armsman Does Not Gossip (6,554 words)
First posted December 6, 2010.
Aral/Cordelia, Aral/Jole. Pym's first ten days as a Vorkosigan Armsman.

Sings in Your Heart (3,053 words)
First posted November 29, 2011.
Aral/Cordelia, Aral/Jole. The Prime Minister doodles during meetings.

Dance Across the Room (5,516 words)
First posted March 17, 2013.
Aral/Jole, (Aral/Cordelia). "I've never really seen the point. I mean, sex is already fun. It's sex. I don't know what you'd need toys for."
Warning: Explicit sex.

Keeping Care of Me, Keeping Watch (4,660 words)
First posted February 14, 2012.
Aral/Cordelia, Aral/Jole. For once, the middle-of-the-night crisis did not have the very worst possible timing.

Rocks in the Pathway (5,809 words)
First posted September 17, 2012.
Aral/Cordelia, Aral/Jole. Arkady was awakened before dawn by a knock on the door.

Drive the Dark Things Away (12,793 words)
First posted March-April, 2015.
Aral/Jole. A triptych set during The Vor Game, in which Aral and Jole take care of each other.
Warning: Explicit sex.

Always Breaking Everything (5,050 words)
First posted April 14, 2015.
Aral/Jole, Aral/Cordelia. In which Aral gets jealous.

Floating in Glass (693 words)
First posted September 1, 2013.
Aral/Jole, (Aral/Cordelia). The first time Aral went for a ride on Jole's sailboat after they got to Sergyar.